Mark R.D. Jones


I’m Mark R.D. Jones.
I live near Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Since I don’t see much point to having comments on this blog, you are invited to email me your appreciation or critique. 

redtexture (at) gmail (dot) com

On Twitter: @redtexture

For what it’s worth,
I was once an enthusiastic user of the online database DabbleDB, before it was absorbed by Twitter, and had contemplated writing up the missing documentation for DabbleDB. Before the DabbleDB user forum finally went dark in November 2012, it was possible to see my voluminous public commentary and documentation on the DabbleDB user forum via my postings as user “redtexture”; it was fun and educational to help support a great concept while it lasted: All of redtexture’s threads. FAQ-only postings. I might put up a selection of those posts on this blog if DabbleDB is ever revived.