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Sharon Van Etten – One Day

Sharon Van Etten – One Day
Live at Bonnaroo 2011 Music Festival, Manchester, Tennessee. (June, 11, 2011)

An outstanding instance of live-video and live-sound-engineering of Sharon Van Etton performing her song “One Day”, which nicely emphasiszes Sharon Van Etten’s fine voice. The live-sound engineer’s choice for reverb on Sarah Van Etten’s vocal was a great choice, and shows off her voice quite well. I hope this song will have a heart-felt popularity at large. (Performed at Bonnaroo Festival, in Manchester, Tennessee, June 10-12, 2011.)

Appreciation and kudos to the editor for this outstanding video for this live performance, and the sound-production and post-performance video-editing by the people working for Vevo. Sharon Van Etten’s other songs at Bonnaroo 2011, via Vevo:

There are more links to interviews, and also other links below the video. Take a look.

[The link to the Bonnaroo 2011 video has a couple of years later been pulled. Here’s another of the same song.

An interview of Sharon Van Etten by Kevin Serra, is at (2009)

NPR interview of Van Etten by Guy Raz, when Van Etten’s recording/CD “Tramp” was released.
Sharon Van Etten: Learning How To RockAll Things Considered, National Public Radio (February 4, 2012)
Interview Transcript:

A few official tracks:

Interview with a few tracks on Wounded Jukebox (July 2011)

Other live recordings of “One Day”
AON Sessions: Sharon Van Etten, “One Day”
Published by “All Our Noise“. Sharon Van Etten accompanied by Cat Martino
Produced by Raul Zahir De Leon; 2nd Camera, Jonathan Luna.

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