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DabbleDB’s venture investors

(Updated September 22, 2011)

In a June 2006 transaction, Series A venture financing of Smallthought Systems was completed. The specific amount invested was not confirmed by the participating parties, but rumored to be in the vicinity of two-million dollars. The transaction was facilitated by Paul Kedrosky, a Canadian based in Silicon Valley, California.

The fraction of shares sold in the financing was not disclosed, and no total valuation for the company was reported or even speculated on in the press reports for the transaction. Subsequent to the deal, Kedrosky became a board member of Smallthought Systems, and became a partner of Ventures West, the Vancouver investment group participating in the deal. The founders of DabbleDB were reported as taking their time, assessing the potential for good advice and future contacts; they had turned down a number of VC firms prior to the Kedrosky/Ventures West deal.

Avi Bryant also disclosed in a December 2007 interview that Tim Bray was also an investor. Bray apparently made his investment on September 6, 2006, and did not disclose the amount invested. On August 24, 2011, Tim announced he had sold his shares in a transaction facilitated by SharesPost , and Twitter had exercised its 30-day first-refusal rights to buy the shares after a bona fide offer had been made by another buyer.

Okay, I guess I’ll take your money Mathew Ingram June 27, 2006 (formerly with Globe and Mail, departing January 2010; Ingram has also been an organizerfor the Mesh Conference in Toronto)

VCs Dabble with Canadian Web 2.0 startup
Mathew Ingram
Globe and Mail – Toronto Canada
Published on Tuesday, June 27, 2006; updated Monday, April 06, 2009


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